Our Programs


Corey Graham Elite Academy Program, EDUCATION THROUGH ATHLETICS, offers a comprehensive middle school educational programming and support service to approximately 270 students annually and will take place daily after school and Saturday hours and throughout the day during the summer.

Throughout our programming, Corey Graham Elite Academy is relentless in our support of our student athletes and we serve as a valuable resource to their families. We involve parents and family members in the Education through athletics program through frequent check-ins by phone, email, house visit or school visits and informational workshops throughout the year. We also support our families through crisis by making referrals to Social Services and acting as a parallel family in times of need.

Education Through Athletics is comprised of five components that all work synergistic to help Corey Graham Elite participants achieve success on and off the football field, track and basketball court.

Athletics & Leadership Development: Corey Graham Elite Academy has multiple sports programs most notable is our Corey Graham Elite AAU Basketball Program in which we field 11 travel basketball teams that compete in tournament all over the country. The basketball program serves several purposes. It keeps our youth engaged in our academic program. A basketball court is like being in the classroom where life skills and leadership characteristics are developed. Having the opportunity to travel throughout the country exposes kids to scholarship opportunities interacting with different people, places and things.

Academic Support: All college bound students benefit from a variety of academic enrichment programs, including general or specific academic instruction and tutoring life skills development.

High School Assistance: Which helps 6th-8th grade student athletes succeed in middle school and leverage that success to get into a good school academic high school in good standing. (HSA) offers academic instruction/tutoring, homework assistance life skills development and test preparation for 6th-8th graders.

College Assistance: Provides our high school student athletes with individual support that’s imperative for them to be successful in high school and prepare them for college. (CA) helps with SAT and other test preparation, transcript evaluation, financial aid workshops and NCAA eligibility and recruiting guidance.

Gang Prevention Summer Program: Educates our student athletes on the effects of positive/negative peer pressure, critical decision making, conflict resolution and the dangers of gang affiliation. If the youth in our community is educated on these topics it will help them make better decisions that will pay dividends throughout life.

Gang Prevention Summer Camp

The Corey Graham Elite Summer Academy is a comprehensive athletic and educational program for rising 5th-8th grade student athletes. Summer Academy participants will engage in an equal amount of sports and academic programming at least 3 days a week.


Provide a fun and support space where students participant in activities that develop their academic, athletic, communication, leadership and team work skills.

Engage in interactive group activities and technology programming that will reinforce ELA and Mathematics Curricula, reducing the summer slide.

Improve student athlete’s athletic skills in basketball, football and track through high quality coaching and mentoring, daily practice, competition and & conditioning training.

Prepare students for high school admissions through works shops on school of choice, the application process, test preparation and interview skills.